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Posted: Friday, September 19, 2014 11:06 AM

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you might have heard about me, i am the guy with the ability to make my penis dance!

you can watch me for free, film it and sell it all over the internet!

several girls already have made upwards of $300 and even $500 in just two weeks time!

sell the footage to gay sites CFNM sites, comedy sites,

you've never seen anything like this before!!!!

massive 9" penis with the capability to sway swing flip, and rotate on it's own!!!!!

perfect for that bachlorette party or simply a girls night in!!!!!

to hell with the passion parties THIS is the real show!!!!!

Doctor's told me i am one in 6 Million that can do this!!!!!

stand back and watch the magic !!!!!!

Poster's age: 50

• Location: Raleigh / Durham, raleigh durham apex

Posted: Friday, September 12, 2014 9:12 PM

I am a successful professional gentleman who is seeking an 18 – 35 year old student or regular girl next door to help out. You help me. I help you. Simple. I am open to all sorts of sexy things in exchange for my assistance including but not limited to:

1) strip tease
2) make out session
3) fondling you
4) playing with yourself while I watch (with or without toys)
5) lap dancing (clothed or unclothed)
6) fun with your breasts (imagination encouraged)
7) letting me photograph you nude or partially nude
8) body to body grind
9) watching you play with a female friend of yours
10) … your suggested activity

I will respect your limits and all will take place in a safe discrete location; no games. Can meet in public first if you prefer . Compensation will vary based on activities and length of time devoted. Can be one time or regular thing if we hit it off. Send picture or two and a little about yourself to

Poster's age: 40

• Location: Raleigh / Durham, Raleigh/Cary/Apex

Posted: Friday, August 29, 2014 9:27 PM

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i am building a web site of girls watching me do dick tricks!!!

i have a total cash pot of $10,000 that will be given away from now to January 2015.

so, all i need is 3 girls.

i pay $50 CASH!$!$ each shoot!!!!!

so if you know say 15 women you can come back each time with two women and every time you each get $50 until the $10,000 runs out in January!!!!!

i am filming this for the web site, your face will be shown, but who gives a shit, your clothed! i am the naked one!!!!!

you must be 18 or older, any race or age as long as it's 18 or older

WHITE MILFS are perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$50 20 mins, DONE!

easy, fun simple fast and safe!

come and watch me explode in front of your eyes.

you never saw a penis do such great tricks!!!!!

$50 a girl! up front in cash!!!!!

please leave your name and cell # when replying so i can call you right away!!!!!

Poster's age: 54

• Location: Raleigh / Durham, raleigh

Posted: Tuesday, August 26, 2014 9:53 PM

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web site will record you watching me nude.

you stay clothed!

$50 for each girl!!!

cash up front!!!

total of 3 girls

we are filming all this week!!!

each filming takes 20 mins!!!!!

stop by all 3 of you and collect your $50~!

Poster's age: 50

• Location: Raleigh / Durham, raleigh

Posted: Friday, August 22, 2014 12:02 AM


Unlike recorded porn, live cam modeling is immune to piracy. What other online job is there where you can make $80 an hour in as early as 24 hours from now? A webcam model is someone who broadcasts themselves on webcam through a live feed. In free chat, they will seduce customers into paid private time where they will perform a private show. Here they may dance, strip, or play with toys. Models charge on a per-minute basis for private shows. With over 40,000 registered male and female models, our network makes it easy for anyone with no experience to sign up, submit a couple photos to prove your age, and start making money from home that same day. Most new webcam models are pleased to make $1000-$2000 (sometimes much more) in their first couple of weeks working 4-6 hours/day. While most new cam models are simply looking for a way to make extra money, others are making a luxurious career out of stripping in front of their web cam.

We here at want you to work with us, there are a lot of scams online about webcam jobs, and we want you to avoid those. Visit our website, sign up and talk to us first (866) 846-0108 ext.6, because we are going to put more time and energy into your success than any other webcam site.

10 Reasons to be a Webcam Model Instead of an Escort

1. Webcam girls never have to meet their clients

There is always a big risk when meeting clients as an escort. Who are you meeting? Are they nice? What are their intentions? Meeting clients can always be a risky business but as a webcam girl you never need to meet any of your clients, everything is done through video chat over the internet.

2. Webcam shows are in the safety of your own home
As an escort, you would probably offer out call appointments which involve traveling to the client's home or hotel. This takes you completely out of your comfort zone and can be very risky. Where are you going? How many people could be there? What if I don't like the client? As a webcam model, shows are performed in the comfort of your own home; you don't need to travel anywhere cutting the risk down to nothing.

3. Webcam models have more control over what they do

As an escort you never know the types of clients you see. Johns may sound fine on the phone but that's the only thing escorts have to go on before they either invite the client to their home or travel to see the client at their location. As a webcam model, you control the time you spend online and can also block clients you don't want watching your webcam shows.

4. Webcam Girls don't touch strangers
You can dress up escorting in lots of different ways but the main purpose of an escort is...well you know. As a webcam girl there is no touching with clients, you're not even in the same room as your clients.

5. There are millions more webcam users than Johns who see escorts
The webcam industry is massive compared to the escort industry. Typically escorts will see clients quite local to them. Sometimes clients may travel from other areas but escorts are still limited by the clients in their area. To watch a webcam show, clients can do it in private and it's not cheating on their partner, which to most men is far more attractive and less risky than going to see an escort.

6. Webcam girls can see lots of clients all at the same time
In a single webcam show a webcam model can have 10, 20 even 50 clients all watching the same webcam show. This means less work for much more money. An escort seeing 50 clients a day is ridiculous. Firstly there are not enough hours in the day and secondly she might be a bit tired by the evening.

7. Webcam models have a global audience

As a webcam model you're not limited by location. Any client with a computer, internet and credit card can watch webcam shows. This opens doors to a massive global market. With the use of social media webcam models can become international sensations overnight.

8. There are no health risks to being a webcam girl

Let's face it, as an escort you can practice being safe all day long but it's a fact that accidents do happen. Clients won't tell you if they have any medical conditions and just one accident like a condom splitting could be disastrous to your health. As a webcam model you never come into contact with clients meaning you never have to worry about health issues.

9. Being a webcam girl is completely legal, the escort industry is a grey area
OK, so being an escort is legal in some countries, even in the US an escort can work independently from her own property and stay within the law. It is illegal to solicit on the street. Escorts are not allowed to work in the same premises, they call this a brothel. No person is allowed to profit from prostitution which means strictly speaking you cannot employ security. Escorts also have problems with clients visiting their property, if neighbors complain to the police and the landlord finds out, escorts will be evicted.

10. Webcam modelling is much more socially accepted amongst friends and family
9 times out of 10 an escort's friends and family don't know they are escorts. By telling friends and family it's only going to worry them and they will no doubt spend their time convincing you to do something else. Naturally they will be concerned about safety, and for good reason. Being a webcam model is not much different from being a glamour model and means telling people what you do is more excepting amongst friends and family. Plus you're not having to touch a stranger which eliminates any risk.

Most of Our Models Work Less than 20 Hours a Week and Earn a Full Time Income!

Have you read online that you can make thousands of dollars a week just by taking off your clothes on cam? Well that is partially true, you can. What most websites will not tell you is that it takes a lot of work and dedication to get to that salary range.

Also being a web cam model isn’t just about taking off your clothing. It is about being there for our clients. It is about building a relationship with these clients so they come back to you week after week and day after day. While many clients visit our sites to see nudity, there is much more to it. They want to see a familiar face and smile, they want to talk about their day, and they are basically looking for a friend. This may go against everything you have heard about webcam modeling, but for the women who embrace this are the ones who are making the big money online. We are going to be here to help you every step of the way and show you how to become on of those top earners.

When you work for a webcam site, it can be one of the most rewarding and fun jobs you have ever had. You get to work from home, chat with people from all over the world and make some really good cash.

We here at want you to work with us, there are a lot of scams online about webcam jobs, and we want you to avoid those. Visit our website, sign up and talk to us first (866) 846-0108 ext.6, because we are going to put more time and energy into your success than any other webcam site.

Poster's age: 38

• Location: Raleigh / Durham, Work From Home is an interactive computer service that enables access by multiple users and should not be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.